Taking Care of your Bonsai

Taking Care of your Bonsai – Some Tips

bonsai take careBeware of the season: Bonsai trees, like all trees, have similar reactions to weather, temperature and sunshine. In the winter it is best not to water them well and do not cut them. Spring is a good time to transplant, but also to add ingredients to the soil as well as to prune them. In the summer, pay great attention to watering and finally, in the autumn, you can again transplant or prune them if you want.

Sun in the morning, shade in the afternoon:Because the bonsai tree needs both sun and shade, make sure the morning is placed in such a way so that the sun can see it and the afternoon be in the shade. If this combination is not feasible in one place, then it is good to move them around.

Don’t place them at extreme temperatures: Make sure your bonsai is not exposed to large temperature fluctuations within the same twenty-four hours. Transfer it to the inside of the house in case of heat or cold, and in the changes of the seasons make sure to help it acclimate smoothly. This will work if you do not leave it exposed to outdoor temperatures, but take it home for short periods.

Water and food: Use the right fertilizer to keep the bonsai healthy, do not exaggerate in watering, or allow the soil to dry completely.

Do not forget that the art of bonsai growing surpasses the relaxation that gardening offers to man and reaches the level of meditation. So, a bonsai, in addition to its beauty, will also offer us the peace that we may wish for. The main purpose of cultivation is to prevent human intervention, and the work to look as natural as possible. So, we have many reasons to choose them for growing in our homes.